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How to Set up a Care Team for Your Senior Loved One

Senior Care Westchester County NY

Senior Care Westchester County NY

Setting up a care team for your senior loved one sounds more formal than it really is. What it truly involves is matching up people who can help your loved one with things that need to be done for your loved one.

Make a List of Possible Members

Start out by making a list of the people in your senior loved one’s life that you’re pretty sure are going to help out with her care in some way. These may be other family members, friends, or even neighbors who are close to your loved one. These people may be willing and able to help at different levels, so don’t discount someone entirely at this stage.

Match People with Activities

Once you have a list of potential care team members, you can start matching them with activities that they’re most likely to be able to help with. For example, some of the people on your list may be able to help out with running errands or making phone calls, but that’s about it. Others may be able to cook meals regularly for your loved one. Still others may be able to provide respite care when you need a break. Talk to each person to figure out what activities are best to match each up with.

Examine Where You Have Gaps

Now that you have people matched with what they can do, it’s time to examine where you have gaps. You may have a standing appointment, for example, that no one can cover for you. There may be other times periodically, too, where you’ll have gaps between what needs to be done and someone available to do it.

Figure out How to Fill the Gaps

One way to fill those gaps is to talk to other members of the care team when you spot those gaps. Everyone’s day and week are going to be slightly different from one to the next so you may have another member of the team who is able and willing to fill in. Sometimes, however, you’re going to need to look to senior care providers to fill those gaps, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that you’re not providing the right level of care for your loved one.

Once you do have your loved one’s care team together, remember that you’ll need to revisit the plan periodically to make sure that it still meets everyone’s needs.

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