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Creating a Support System for an Elderly Parent

Elderly Care Brooklyn NY

Elderly Care Brooklyn NY

Helping an elderly parent cope with a chronic illness can be a difficult task for one person to accomplish. It often takes a village to properly care for a family member who is unable to care for themselves. If your family members do not have time free in their schedules to assist with the everyday support the elder needs, caregivers can be hired to take some of the workload off of your shoulders.

Whether you have family members helping you out or an elderly care professional, having a strong support system is important for the health and well-being of your elderly loved one. Keep the support system strong by following these tips.

  • Have regular meetings. Holding weekly or biweekly meetings with others who are a part of the elder’s support system will help you provide better care. These meetings will provide you with insight on any problems other family members or caregivers have had and how they dealt with it. This meeting does not need to be help without the senior present. In fact, it may be beneficial to get feedback from your loved one on how well they think they were cared for.
  • Get social. Social media is another great way to stay connected with your caregiving team. Create a Facebook page that will allow everyone to share their experiences and ideas. Schedule a time for you all to chat on social media.
  • Do the legal paperwork. It is difficult to think about, but it is important that all of the paperwork is prepared and filed if an elderly loved one were to pass away. This includes finding out if they have a living will, who the power of attorney is, paying the senior’s current bills. Also, when the elder does pass away, you and the rest of the support system need to know who will sign additional legal paperwork and take care of their bank accounts.
  • Contact local government agencies. If you are having a difficult time finding people to share the responsibilities with, a local government agency will most likely have the information needed to hire a elder care aid. The agency may also have other resources available for your elderly loved on in order to get them the help they need.

Caring for an elderly parent does not need to be difficult, but can actually be a fun, fulfilling job when others are willing to help.


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