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Physical Fitness for Dementia Sufferers

Caregiver Queens NY

Caregiver Queens NY

If the person for whom you’re a family caregiver suffers from Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, getting them to do physical exercise may be challenging. That means you may have to use creativity in your approach.  A great way to get them doing something physical is to try having them do things they enjoy. Even the simplest, most ordinary things can be helpful. And it could be a way of getting small chores done around the house at the same time.

This could include things like: Watering plants, the garden or lawn; doing laundry; hanging up laundry to dry; washing dishes or loading/unloading the dishwasher; dusting furniture; vacuuming or sweeping and mopping floors; wiping off counters or windows; anything simple like that. It doesn’t have to be perfect—the idea is to get them doing something and at the same time they’ll feel like they’re making a contribution, which is important for them.

You can move the activities outside and do fun things with your aging parent. If they have a bird feeder in their backyard, you could fill the birdfeeder together or take a walk to a nearby park and feed the birds or pigeons there; you could rent a tandem bicycle and go for a ride together (a single bike may not be the best idea, depending on your loved one’s ability); play croquet, horseshoes, bean bag toss or ladder golf; etc.

If the weather isn’t cooperative, or your loved one would just rather stay inside, you can turn on music and dance together. If you own or can rent a Nintendo Wii video gaming system, there are plenty of games and sports they offer that require some physical movement. Some senior centers across the nation have Wii systems or something similar, so if you don’t actually own one or can’t find a place nearby where you can rent one, you and your loved one could go there and participate in such video games as bowling, tennis, canoeing, basketball, etc. Some Wii videos even have actual exercises on them. Just be sure to do them in an area with plenty of floor space and room to swing arms or legs.

You can also find instructional exercise videos on places like You Tube or Pinterest that could be streamed to the TV and then done together. If you think they’d prefer the real thing doing exercises in person with a leader or instructor, many senior centers throughout the country offer simple exercise classes where your loved one could get a little physical exercise and enjoy the company of other people their age at the same time.

Whatever it is you try, pick a time to do these activities when your loved one isn’t tired, and you should keep the physical activity simple and suited for their stage of dementia and physical ability.


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